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60 Greatest Hits &.. [CD] Kitty Wells


Interpret: Kitty Wells
Nosič: CD (3 disky)
Distribuce: BS
Vydání: 27.09.2012
Cena s DPH: 285 Kč
Dostupnost: po naskladnění

Doručení: Dobírkou: 109 Kč • Platba předem: 89 Kč • Zásilkovna: 59/79 Kč • Osobní odběr: 0

.. Favorites // Best of

Skladby - 60 Greatest Hits &..

  • I Heard the Juke Box Playing
  • A Wedding Ring Ago
  • Paying For That Back Street Affair
  • I Don´t Claim To Be an Angel
  • Hey Joe
  • Cheatin´s a Sin
  • Release Me
  • After Dark
  • One By One (With Red Foley)
  • I´m a Stranger In My Home (With Red Foley)
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal
  • As Long As I Live (With Red Foley)
  • Make Believe (´Til We Can Make It Come True) (With Red Fole
  • Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
  • I´m In Love With You
  • Lonely Side of Town
  • I´ve Kissed You My Last Time
  • I Gave My Wedding Dress Away
  • My Cold Cold Heart is Melted Now
  • Makin´ Believe
  • There´s Poison In Your Heart
  • You and Me (With Red Foley)
  • No One But You (With Red Foley)
  • How Far is Heaven (With Carol Sue Wright)
  • Searching (For Someone Like You)
  • I´d Rather Stay Home
  • Repenting
  • I´m Counting On You
  • Oh´ So Many Years (With Webb Pierce)
  • Three Ways (To Love You)
  • (I´ll Always Be Your) Fraulein
  • One Week Later (With Webb Pierce)
  • Sweeter Than the Flowers
  • Lonely Street
  • If Teardrops Were Pennies
  • Touch and Go Heart
  • He´s Lost His Love For Me
  • Dust On the Bible
  • Lonesome Valley
  • I Can´t Stop Loving You
  • She´s No Angel
  • Jealousy
  • Mommy For a Day
  • All the Time
  • The Hands You´re Holding Now
  • Your Wild Life´s Gonna Get You Down
  • Amigo´s Guitar
  • Left To Right
  • Carmel By the Sea
  • I Can´t Tell My Heart That (With Roy Drusky)
  • The Other Cheek
  • Fickle Fun
  • Seasons of My Heart
  • Heartbreak U.S.A.
  • There Must Be Another Way To Live
  • Heartaches By the Number
  • Day Into Night
  • Our Mansion is a Prison Now
  • I´ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
  • I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)

Kitty Wells vydává 60 Greatest Hits &.. v České republice v lokální distribuci. Internetový obchod zajišťuje prodej od interpreta Kitty Wells. Bližší popis 60 Greatest Hits &.. bude doplněn.

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