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Warwick Records Story [CD] V

Warwick Records Story
Interpret: V
Nosič: CD (3 disky)
Distribuce: BS
Vydání: 01.05.2014
Cena s DPH: 238 Kč
Dostupnost: V nabídce dodavatele
Odesíláme: 3-30 dnů po zakoupení

Doručení: Dobírkou: 109 Kč • Platba předem: 89 Kč • Zásilkovna: 59/79 Kč • Osobní odběr: 0

.. Records Story 1959-1962 - Wild Child

Skladby - Warwick Records Story

  • Little Esther Phillips- Wild Child
  • Eddie Reeves- Talk Talk
  • Marvin Rainwater- Boo Hoo
  • Johnny & the Hurricanes- Crossfire
  • Bob Crewe- Water Boy
  • Shirley & Lee- Well-A, Well-A
  • the Distants- Come On
  • Jerry Landis- Just a Boy
  • Linda Glover- Counting Sheep Over You
  • Kitt 'N' Kory- Across the Moon
  • Link Wray- Big City Stomp
  • Dean Barlow- It's All In Your Mindà
  • Jimmy Gilmer- Good Good Lovin'
  • the Willows- You
  • Artie Garr- Beat Love
  • the Mysterions- Amnesia
  • Jeanie & Her Boy Friends- It's Me Knockin'
  • the Crests- the Actor
  • Buddy Charles- Oh Yes I Do
  • the Halos- Mean Old World
  • the String-A-Longs- Wheels
  • Faye Adams- It Can't Be Wrong
  • the Harptones- Love Me Completely
  • the Sedates- Girl of Mine
  • Raging Storms- the Dribble (Twist)
  • the Tokens- Tonight I Fell In Love
  • Linda Glover- a Different Kind of Love
  • Shirley & Lee- Let the Good Times Roll
  • Bill Kenny- Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
  • the Fashions- All I Want
  • Faye Adams- Shake a Hand
  • the Four Winds- Daddy's Home
  • the Mysterions- Transylvania
  • Petula Clark- Romeo
  • the Genies- Twistin' Pneumonia
  • Bob Crewe- Cool Timeà
  • the Halos- Village of Love
  • Jerry Landis- Play Me a Sad Song
  • Johnny & the Hurricanes- Red River Rock
  • Fran Jeffries- No Moon At All
  • the Shepherd Sisters- Alone
  • the Eternals- Blind Date
  • Artie Garr- Dream Alone
  • the Harptones- What Kind of Foolà
  • Sunny Gale- Church Bells May Ring
  • a Pair of Kings- Ev'rytime
  • the Distants- Always
  • Andy Stewart- a Scottish Soldier (Green Hillsà)
  • Jeanie & Her Boy Friends- Baby
  • the Fireballs- Quite a Party
  • Johnny & the Hurricanes- Reveille Rock
  • Dean Barlow- Your Love is All I Need
  • Bob Crewe- Oh How I Miss You Tonight
  • Link Wray- Poppin' Popeye
  • the Genies- Little Young Girl
  • Faye Adams- Hurts Me To My Heart
  • the Willows- My Dear, Dearest Darling
  • the Buddy Brennan Quartet- Big River
  • Shirley & Lee- Like You Used To Do
  • Buddy Charles- a Soldier's Prayer
  • the Harptones- I Remember
  • the Kact-Ties- Walking In the Rain
  • Larry Darnell- If I Had You
  • Ginny Arnell- He Likes Rock and Roll Better Than Me
  • Donny Marchand- I Don't Know
  • the Vox Poppers- In My Heart of Hearts
  • Mary Osborne- I'm Beginning To See the Light
  • Matt Monro- My Kind of Girl
  • Jerry Landis- Shy
  • Norman Sands & the Valiants- Don't Wanna Leave the Congo
  • Sunny Gale- My Foolish Heart
  • Bill Kenny- Whispering Grass
  • Johnny & the Tokens- the Taste of a Tear
  • Little Esther Phillips- Feel Like I Wanna Cry
  • The Craftsmen- Rock A-Long

V vydává Warwick Records Story v České republice v lokální distribuci. Internetový obchod zajišťuje prodej od interpreta V. Bližší popis Warwick Records Story bude doplněn.

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