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A Long Way Down / Knihy

A Long Way Down
Autor: Nick Hornby
Kategorie: Krásná literatura
Vydání: 12.02.2014
Běžná cena: 269 Kč
Cena s DPH: 215 Kč   SLEVA: -20%
Dostupnost: po naskladnění

Doručení: Dobírkou: 109 Kč • Platba předem: 89 Kč • Zásilkovna: 59/79 Kč • Osobní odběr: 0


Popis zboží - A Long Way Down

Jazyk: ENG
Stránek: 272
Vazba: Brožovaná
Vydavatel: Penguin Books

A Long Way Down - Nick Hornby`s hilarious bestseller now a major motion picture starring Pierce Brosnan.
`Can I explain why I wanted to jump off the top of a tower block?` For disgraced TV presenter Martin Sharp the answer`s pretty simple: he has, in his own words, `pissed his life away`. And on New Year`s Eve he`s going to end it all ...but not, as it happens, alone. Because first single-mum Maureen, then eighteen-year-old Jess and lastly American rock-god JJ turn up and crash Martin`s private party. They`ve stolen his idea - but brought their own reasons. Yet it`s hard to jump when you`ve got an audience queuing impatiently behind you. A few heated words and some slices if cold pizza later and these four strangers are suddenly allies. But is their unlikely friendship a good enough reason to carry on living? Shortlisted for the 2005 Whitbread Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize, A Long Way Down is a darkly hilarious and moving novel by bestselling author Nick Hornby. If you like Jonathan Coe, David Sedaris and David Nicholls, you will love this book.
´A page-turning plot and rich, funny characters with several big laughs on every page...Hornby`s best yet´. (Literary Review). ´Hornby`s best novel to date, impossible to put down...how can an examination of four people`s anguish be so enthralling?´ (Ruth Rendell, Guardian). ´Masterful...some of the finest writing, and some of the most outstanding characters I`ve ever had the pleasure of reading´. (Johnny Depp).

Nick Hornby has captivated readers and achieved widespread critical acclaim for his comic, well-observed novels About a Boy, How to be Good, Juliet, Naked, Slam and High Fidelity.

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